Freidman Service Overview

Understanding that every client is unique, Freidman is able to deliver bespoke solutions that meet the exacting needs of our clients, blending together a service delivery model built from our diverse group of services, to ensure that our clients get the service they need to support their business.

Our ability to deliver high quality, bespoke solutions for our clients from our diverse portfolio allows us ensure that our clients get the service that they need whilst also ensuring that they get the support they need from Freidman as an engaged partner as their business grows and their FM requirements change.

Our flexible delivery model allows Freidman to support its clients across all of their requirements, whether through an individual service line or ultimately through a fully managed FM service delivery model, knowing that they are working with an expert and capable partner that understands how to drive value.

The following is an overview of the solutions that Freidman is able to provide.

Statutory Compliance
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