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To reflect Freidman’s commitment to positively impact the environment, we have set ourselves an ambitious target of achieving carbon positive status by 2030, to drive real change across the business, and to ensure we play our part in minimising the threat and rate of global warming. We are fully committed to minimising, mitigating and negating our impact on the environment, with a specific focus on carbon emission reduction and this is a central pillar of Freidman’s ethos and culture. This is reflected in our ISO 14001 accreditation that we have proudly held for a number of years, and have been just been re-awarded. 

To enable us to achieve our carbon positive status, first, we must decarbonise our service delivery operations, support functions and offices, as well as work with our supply chain to ensure our service partners are supporting our strategy. Our latest review highlighted the aspects of our business generating the highest percentage of carbon emissions is work on client sites and the associated travel of delivery and management teams. 

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To reduce our carbon emissions, we already have in place the below initiatives:


  • Transition of cleaning and management vehicles from diesel/ petrol to electric

  • Installation of electric vehicle charging points at our head office 

  • Working with our supply chain to reduce packaging and where it is unavoidable, ensuring packaging material is recyclable and does not need to go to landfill

  • Reducing single use plastic in all our operations

  • Work with our uniform and PPE suppliers to ensure only 100% cotton clothing is provided and no items contain polyester

  • Enabling office-based team members to work from home and so negate the business miles travelling to and from the office

We are also working with our current clients to enable them to fulfil their respective Carbon Reduction Plans. These innovations include:

  • Moving meetings to online wherever possible to reduce travel

  • Moving all documentation and reporting to soft copies and away from hard copies wherever possible 

  • Using local suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise business mileage

The above underlines Freidman’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions and environmental impact. Moreover, Freidman moves this commitment from words into actions, delivering tangible results inside our business and supporting clients to deliver positive results in this key area.