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The demands of delivering facilities services within a highly complex precision manufacturing environment.


Tecomet is a leading international provider of manufacturing solutions for complex, high precision products and services for the Medical Device and Aerospace markets including orthopaedic implants, cases and surgical implements.

In September 2019, Freidman was awarded a cleaning contract for its UK industrial manufacturing and Corporate Headquarters in Sheffield. From humble beginnings, this contract is now unrecognisable from its original scope; rapidly growing and transforming into the comprehensive, multi-faceted, Facilities Services contract it represents today.

At the forefront of innovation, Tecomet’s business is defined by precision and detail. However, the working environment is also heavy industrial, and with the machine shop operating 24 hour production runs, it presents some interesting challenges for the maintenance and cleaning teams.

Ensuring Zero Production Downtime

It was very clear, from the outset, that one of the critical success factors in the delivery of facilities services at Tecomet was to ensuring no impact ,at all, to production in the delivery of our services. As a result, our dedicated on-site maintenance team, supported by our off-site mobile engineers are constantly mindful of production continuity. To date, we have delivered a comprehensive planned preventative maintenance programme, as well as reactive maintenance to ensure the integrity and compliance of specialist manufacturing equipment, both live during operational hours, and outside of core working hours - all without disrupting production runs.

Re-engineering our Cleaning Service for Manufacturing Environment

Precision manufacturing requires impeccable cleaning standards - a challenge for our cleaning team in an environment where the floors can be highly soiled with oil from staff’ shoes.

Early into the contract, we understood that there needed to be a fundamental shift in the service level currently provided. Freidman spent time with the client, understanding the organisation and its objectives and how its facilities services provision fits in with this business model. As a result, we have re-engineered our services to suit these requirements and changed our team’s hours around to cater for this.

As well as an enhanced virucidal cleaning programme, once a week, on a rotation basis, the floors of each of the areas which have a high footfall - the bathrooms, the showers, the canteens - receive an intensive deep clean with our specialist deep cleaning machinery so that we can maintain hygiene levels and keep cleaning standards high.

Not only has the cleaning element grown in size and scope, but it has also been upgraded to include an innovative ‘zonal-cleaning’ process.

Zonal Cleaning Process

We quickly recognized that there were vastly different cleaning requirements in each of the cleaning zones at Tecomet.

In agreement with the client, we decided to create a new output specification to reflect this. We also identified the specific skill-sets and training that would be required by our operatives to deliver the level of service required by the client within each zone.

Supported by our in-house Learning Academy, our cleaning teams underwent training to upgrade their skills to reach the new, enhanced level of service required to reach contractual compliance.

As a result of this training and mentoring, the team has been re-energised to embrace a new service culture and every team member now clearly understands the standards expected of them within that particular area.

Going from strength to strength

Earlier this year, Freidman was asked to take on a number of additional facilities services. These includes PPM for Tecomet’s mechanical and electrical installations (in accordance with SFG 20), landscaping, grounds maintenance and drainage maintenance. We also now support Tecomet with a number of project works.

These include installs and repairs, support on indemnification design, the upgrade of gas and electrical systems, re-fits and refurbishments, building fabric maintenance and decorating projects.

All our services are supported by our 24-hour help desk and emergency call-out service.

This contract has been value-engineered so that we can deliver a higher service level, at a reduced cost, whilst still maintaining a manageable output in line with statutory recommendations, yet still exceed customer expectations in terms of delivery.

"Freidman has worked tirelessly to support us operationally and we are well on our way to where we want to be, in every aspect of our FM service delivery. We have witnessed a fundamental shift in the level of service we now receive from our Facilities Services team. They understand the critical nature of production continuity to our business.
Freidman works collaboratively and seamlessly with us to ensure there is no impact to production runs in the delivery of essential maintenance and cleaning services, helping us to ensure our operations run smoothly at all times."

Michael Durband
Quality, HSE & Maintenance Manager - Tecomet

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