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TUKE School

Delivering total facilities management within a specialist care environment where safeguarding is critical.


Based at the south side of Burgess Park, within the London Borough of Southwark, Tuke School delivers a best-in-class, high quality standard of education, within an open and welcoming environment to students with learning difficulties.

The range of disabilities requires the contribution of a multi-disciplinary team with physiotherapists, occupational therapist, speech and language therapists and special school support assistants, all working co-operatively with the teaching staff to meet the individual needs of the students.

Our Involvement

Freidman was awarded a contract to deliver facilities services at Tuke School in 2014. The portfolio of services is extensive; it covers cleaning and grounds maintenance, window cleaning, feminine hygiene, swimming pool maintenance and water hygiene. It also covers M&E maintenance (which includes both a site-based team and mobile technical support), security systems, fire and lightning protection, portable appliance testing, patient lifting and key holder services.

Safeguarding is of paramount importance when delivering services within schools of a specialist nature, like Tuke School. Our teams are working alongside particularly vulnerable students and our employees undergo a strict, rigorous screening process. This includes an enhanced DBS check to ensure that no one is put under any risk by our activities.

There have been a number of project works underway.

Many of the students at Tuke are particularly sensitive to change in routine and any unfamiliar noise or smells or disruption can trigger behavioural issues. Therefore, communication with the leadership team on planned or scheduled works, well in advance of their delivery, is essential.

With the exception of materials, all these projects have been delivered at no extra cost to the client, in the evenings or at weekends so as not to disturb students and daily school activities.

New Sensory Room and Library

Within the school, two adjacent rooms, which were originally used as dry hygiene rooms, were identified as being under-utilised and a waste of good space.

The client requested that we put the rooms to good use by transforming one into a sensory room and the other into a library as quiet space for students.

Hydrotherapy Pool

The students have a Hydrotherapy Pool to support them with their physiotherapy. During a H&S audit, we noticed that some of the tiles surrounding the showers in the pool area had started to come away, exposing rotting boards underneath. The pool is popular with the students and hence, in constant use. Our maintenance team offered to come in during the school holidays to strip the damaged tiles and boards and replace them with new boarding and modern PVC cladding material.

Freidman is constantly looking for ways to deliver better value for money in the delivery of FM Services to Tuke, and the cladding presented a more cost-effective, durable and easier-to-clean solution than replacement tiles.

We also replaced the pool light and repaired the tiles that had become dislodged under the water without having to drain the pool to ensure no disruption to school activities.

Gate Meshing and Fencing

During one of the essential site supported audits, we identified that some of the mesh on the gate in the playground needed replacing to ensure the safety of the students.

We obtained a quote for the works from an outside contractor but for cost-efficiency, decided to bring this service in-house.
We sourced innovative, safer and more effective materials and replaced the mesh ourselves at no extra cost to the client.

Other services that would have traditionally been outsourced have also been brought in house.

Freidman introduced a new fencing proposal to Tuke school, which set to replace sections of the existing worn fencing. This proved to be a cost-effective solution for the school to improve security and the safety of students.

"We have a great on-site and cleaning team who are flexible and understand the parameters within which we work."

Elaine Collis
Deputy Headteacher - TUKE School

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