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Historic England

Freidman delivers Facilities Management Services for Historic England at The Engine House, their Grade II listed HQ building in Swindon.  


Historic England is the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England's spectacular historic environment.  Historic England protects, champions and saves the places that define who we are and where we've come from as a nation.

Our Involvement

Following a competitive tender process, Freidman was awarded the contract to deliver an impressive range of Hard and Soft FM services at The Engine House, their Grade 2 listed three and four story, coarse limestone built HQ building in Swindon.

We also maintain the strict environmental conditions (setpoint +/- 1 degree centigrade, setpoint +/- 2% humidity) to The Archive, a separate building which holds the precious National Monument Record Collections. The service is supported by a 24-hour help desk and emergency call-out service.

On Day 1 we arranged for key members of the mobilisation team to cover site to ensure that our staff and our client were happy, and troubleshoot and iron out any niggles for a seamless handover from the incumbent service provider. The feedback from the Historic England management team was that they were delighted with the three-month mobilisation programme which has resulted in a smooth and seamless transfer of services with all team members clearly knowing the roles and responsibilities of the new structure.

Fabric Maintenance

In terms of building fabric maintenance, we provide a comprehensive building Fabric PPM schedule. This includes:
- undertaking regular inspections of the building, responding to fabric degradation and soiling as appropriate – eg. repointing of masonry, some painting
- undertaking and recording annual visual roof inspections
-ensuring the integrity of external window safety film present at The Engine House and will ensure that no window is unprotected at any time.
- recording all fabric repairs and maintenance tasks in CAFM.


Historic England were looking for a good quality cleaning service which contributed to a great first impression, prolonged the fabric of the building and reinforced the HE brand.

Whilst cleaning is only one aspect of the service we deliver to HE, it was made clear that it was an indicator as to how effective the entire FM contract was being delivered. Different cleaning standards are required in each of the four distinguishable areas in the building:

High traffic/high impact areas (reception, museum areas)
Low traffic areas (offices, staircases)
Welfare areas (toilets, showers, kitchens)
Ad hoc areas (laboratories, server rooms) areas

This enables us to prioritise resources effectively to meet a good consistent standard overall. This standard is to be evident at the start of a business day, including fully stocked consumables.

The cleaning standards are delivered in accordance with BICSc standards and principles to ensure best practice and continuity of service.

Praise and Recognition for a Job Well Done

The Process Improvement and Organisation Development teams within HE held several workshops with its employees at the beginning of this year to discover the things people found difficult, and easy to get done at HE. Invariably, these things were made possible by colleagues who went that bit further to help them out. Some specific teams were named by those attending the workshops, and the facilities/post/reception team at Swindon, operated by Freidman, was amongst them. As a thank you, the Freidman team were presented with £100 prize towards a team get-together.

"I have to say that the crew in Swindon have, and continue to be, phenomenal. Jackie (Freidman Service Manager) is showing true leadership.The definition of leadership is ‘knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do’ and that seems very apt at the moment. She seems to be able to roll with the challenges and keep the team on track. Hats off to her and the rest of the brilliant team. Front of house, security, cleaning and maintenance are all hanging in there and I’m so grateful."

Head of FM
Historic England

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